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Q. What is Roanoke Valley Gives?

Roanoke Valley Gives, an initiative of Community Foundation Serving Western Virginia, is a 24-hour online giving event designed to inspire and grow philanthropy across the Roanoke Valley!  We hope to empower those who love the community to easily support their favorite causes or charitable organizations.

Q. When is Roanoke Valley Gives?

Roanoke Valley Gives is on Wednesday, March 18, 2020 from midnight to 11:59 PM.

Q. When is the deadline to register for Roanoke Valley Gives?

The registration deadline is January 31 and the deadline to complete your giving day profile is February 15. If you have any questions, please contact Kaitlyn Van Buskirk at or Carly Oliver at

Q. How does it work?

On March 18, 2020, Community Foundation Serving Western Virginia will host Roanoke Valley Gives, a 24-hour giving event encouraging charitable donations through our online giving platform, hosted by GiveGab. The Community Foundation will provide toolkits, training sessions, outreach support, mass media and social media coverage to make it easy for all nonprofits to participate. Each participating organization will have an individualized web page to promote their cause. Individuals will be able to donate money to the nonprofit organizations of their choice on March 18, 2020, with early giving beginning on March 9, 2020. All donations are tax deductible and irrevocable. (Donations will not be refunded). Donors will receive a receipt for their gift. The nonprofit will receive contact information for each donor, unless the donor elects to remain anonymous.

Q. What is the goal?

Roanoke Valley Gives, at its core, is a significant opportunity to grow community philanthropy throughout our area.  In addition to raising funds to support the local nonprofits throughout the Valley, Roanoke Valley Gives also:

  • serves as a resource to promote nonprofit growth by helping them cultivate new donors
  • provides participating organizations with a dedicated platform for online fundraising along with extensive social media and technology training 
  • provides new networking opportunities for the participating nonprofits

Q. Who is behind it?

Roanoke Valley Gives is hosted by Community Foundation Serving Western Virginia, this region’s community foundation.  Founded in 1988, the Community Foundation has enabled those who love the community to easily give back.  The Foundation currently holds and administers over 330 named endowment funds established by individuals and families for the perpetual benefit of the community.  To learn more visit

Q. Why should my organization participate?

Roanoke Valley Gives is a fantastic way to boost your organization’s fundraising efforts. The 24-hour online giving event provides eligible nonprofits the opportunity to reach new donors and provides the visibility that only this type of community-wide initiative can generate. To make the most of these efforts your organization should ensure that its profile is up-to-date on the site and is custom-branded to tell its unique story. Community Foundation Serving Western Virginia will help your organization make the most of the day. This year, in partnership with GiveGab, Roanoke Valley Gives will include a checkout basket for easier donations for donors, easier registration for peer to peer fundraisers, real-time customer support for all participants and donors, expanded training opportunities and an improved online experience for donors and nonprofits alike.

Q. Who is able to participate?

Eligible organizations must be a 501c3 nonprofit located in and/or serving at least one of the following areas: the cities of Roanoke and Salem, the counties of Roanoke, Botetourt, Craig, and Franklin.  The Community Foundation is informed of all nonprofits registering to participate and reserves the right to reject any organization that it believes violates the mission and values of the Community Foundation.  Governmental institutions are not eligible to participate.

Q. What does my nonprofit need to do?

  • Register your Nonprofit
  • Create a profile page for your organization using the GiveGab platform.
  • Broadcast your campaign's message using existing communication networks.
  • Utilize the Roanoke Valley Gives logo and other provided images and messages consistent with the branding guidelines.
  • Secure matching grants and prizes to entice donors to your group.
  • Recruit individuals to be peer to peer fundraisers for your organization.
  • Consider organizing an outreach event or community stunt to help further increase exposure for your organization.
  • Think outside the box, be engaged and have fun!!

Q. Is there a fee to participate?

There is no fee to participate in Roanoke Valley Gives, however, donations made to your organization will incur a 3% platform fee plus a 2.2% + $.30 credit card processing fee or a $3.00 flat processing fee for donations made through ACH (donations must be over $100 to use ACH). Donors will always have the option to cover these fees on your behalf.

Q. What is GiveGab?

GiveGab is an online giving platform that helps nonprofits raise money, engage donors, and manage volunteers quickly and efficiently. GiveGab offers a full portfolio of simple and easy-to-use products that allow organizations to function in a more streamlined manner.

Q. Who can donate during Roanoke Valley Gives?

Any individual, business, foundation, or organization with a credit card (American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa) or ACH payment, a computer or other mobile-enabled device (i.e., a computer, iPad, or smartphone), and access to the Internet may donate via Donations through the Roanoke Valley Gives online portal to charitable nonprofit organizations are tax-deductible and cannot be refunded.

Q. What organizations are eligible to receive donations and Roanoke Valley Gives prizes?

Nonprofit organizations listed on the Roanoke Valley Gives leaderboard are eligible to receive grants and prizes. Funds raised and prizes won must be directed towards Roanoke Valley programs and services. Please note that private non-operating foundations cannot receive donations on or and are not eligible to win prizes.

Q. What are sponsor matches and challenges? How can I add them to my organization's profile?

Sponsor matches and challenges are great ways to help incentivize donors to make a greater impact by supporting your organization. You can use sponsor matches and challenges to excite your donors and help their donations go even further thanks to the support of a sponsor. You can learn more about matches and challenges here.

Q. If I have a fiscal sponsor, can I participate in Roanoke Valley Gives?

Absolutely! GiveGab accommodates fiscal sponsorship as an option to receive tax-deductible donations if your organization is not currently eligible to receive tax-deductible gifts. You can learn more about fiscal sponsorship on GiveGab here:

Q. How will an organization know who has donated to them?

All organizations that participated in Roanoke Valley Gives will be able to download a .CSV file of their donations via their administrative dashboard on GiveGab. The report is updated in real-time and will include the donation payout date for bank account reconciliation, donation information (including a breakdown of the fees), and the donor's name and contact information.

Q. Does anyone else have access to my donor information?

No. Each organization only has access to its own donor information.  No information can be shared or given unless done so by the organization.  

Q. When will my organization receive the funds contributed?

Organizations will receive all online donations, less any uncovered processing fees, within 5-7 business days after the first donation is made via direct deposit as long as bank routing and account information has been verified. After the first donation is successfully deposited, all donations will be deposited on a 1-2 business day rolling basis. GiveGab uses a PCI Level I compliant payment service to ensure that all financial data is secure.

Q. Do I need to issue a tax receipt to my donors?

No, donors will automatically receive an emailed receipt after making their donation through GiveGab. The receipt will include the date of the gift, amount, and the specific organization's name and EIN for donors to use for tax purposes. The receipt will be branded from the organization and include a "thank you" message. We recommend each nonprofit to personalize their "thank you" through their Giving Day Dashboard. Click here to find out how you can customize your message.  Click here to find out how you can customize your message.

Q. Why do you require a date of birth and last four digits of the nonprofit administrator's social security number for nonprofits's donation payouts?

As an online platform that collects, processes, and distributes money in the form of donations from supporters to organizations, GiveGab must abide by the rules, regulations, and compliance laws of the United States. In particular, they are required to verify that the individual registering an organization to collect donations is authorized to do so and is who they say they are. Additionally, GiveGab needs to verify that the organization is a legitimately registered corporation.

Collecting this information helps us streamline donation processing and payouts with our underlying payment processor (Stripe) and the financial institutions that Stripe works with.

More importantly, we have a duty to our users. When donors choose to support a cause with a monetary gift, it is essential that they trust that their donation is going where they expect it to go! You can read a full explanation here, including how this information is stored.

Q. What is state charitable solicitation registration?

Nonprofits are held to a high standard of government regulation and public scrutiny. And that is with good reason! Eligible 501(c) nonprofits are exempt from federal corporate taxes and have access to public funding. These benefits are not typically available to for-profit businesses, so laws are in place to protect the public and ensure nonprofits do not abuse their financial advantages. The IRS and states all have requirements for nonprofits.

Q. Why is state charitable solicitation registration compliance important?

While 501(c) nonprofits receive key financial benefits, the penalties for noncompliance can be serious. The IRS can revoke a nonprofit’s tax exemption and impose fines that can accrue daily. The states can administratively dissolve a nonprofit corporation and levy steep financial penalties. Perhaps worst of all, an organization can lose out on a grant or large donation because it has not kept itself in good standing.

Taking a proactive approach to compliance helps ensure the sustained success of the organization. The cost of staying compliant is small in comparison to the much larger costs of noncompliance.

Q. What are the key aspects of state charitable solicitation registration compliance?

The IRS provides tax exemptions to eligible nonprofits under IRC 501(c). Public charities and private foundations receive 501(c)(3) tax exemption. The IRS scrutinizes organizations when they apply for 501(c)(3) but also ensures that those organizations meet the ongoing obligations to remain eligible. Nonprofits must file a 990 tax form each year with the IRS to disclose their financial data for the year.

Each state has their own set of requirements. Nonprofits are typically incorporated in a given state as a nonprofit corporation. The state in which the nonprofit has incorporated will impose requirements on the nonprofit, and those responsibilities typically span across multiple state agencies. Usually nonprofits must submit an annual filing to the corporations division of the secretary of state, maintain its license to fundraise (charitable solicitation registration), file for a state business license, and maintain state-level tax exemption with the revenue department. As nonprofits expand outside of the state or operate nationwide, they must comply with the same items in each other state as well.

In addition to IRS and state filing requirements, nonprofits must keep adequate records. Keeping accurate and complete records is critical in the event that an organization is audited. It is also common that board members or donors request information from the organization. Finally, records are necessary for submitting applications and renewal filings with various government agencies.

Q. What are Virginia's requirements for charitable solicitation registration?

Virginia requires that before soliciting donations, a charitable organization must file a registration statement with the state. Churches, educational and health care institutions and certain other organizations are exempt from registration as well as solicitations limited in scope. More information is available on the website for the Virginia Office of Charitable and Regulatory Programs.

Q. When I check the box on GiveGab to declare state charitable solicitation registration compliance, what am I attesting to?

When you check the box you are attesting (defined as "declaring that something exists or is the case") that your organization is compliant with applicable state fundraising requirements in the states in which you may solicit donors using the GiveGab platform.

Q. Do you have any additional resources to reference about state charitable solicitation registration?

Yes! Here are a few more resources from Harbor Compliance to help you:

Q. How can I find out more about Roanoke Valley Gives?

Stay tuned to this website for more information and detail as the event draws close. You can also follow us on Instagram and Twitter @cfwesternva and "like" us on Facebook to stay updated. Roanoke Valley Gives will be hosting training sessions for nonprofits to share tools, highlight matching grants and strategize together to make this day another one for the history books!

We also encourage all participants and their giving day team members to join the Community Foundation’s mailing list to receive up-to-date Roanoke Valley Gives information.  Visit to join!

Q. What is the process for verifying my nonprofit to collect donations?

Every nonprofit on GiveGab goes through 4 verification steps. These steps include a check against the IRS Database, the Office of Foreign Assets Control Database, the State Fundraising Database (varies across states), and Guidestar Database.

GiveGab checks organizations against the IRS database to ensure they are P78 verified. This is an automated check once the organization has entered their verification and bank account details.

Once an organization enters their bank account details, Stripe completes an auto-verification to confirm that the nonprofit has not been listed by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) as a Specifically Designated National (SDN) engaged in or supporting terrorism and are in compliance with Anti-Money Laundering Federal Regulations including US PATRIOT, BSA, and OFAC.

Every nonprofit who wishes to fundraise on GiveGab must attest that their “organization is compliant with applicable fundraising requirements in the states in which they solicit donors using the GiveGab platform. [They] understand that GiveGab does not solicit donations”.

GiveGab pulls in the organization's Guidestar Profile for information retrieval, if necessary.

Q. How can I get additional help if I need it?

You can always receive real-time assistance by clicking on the blue chat bubble.

Q. What else? Any fine print?

Community Foundation Serving Western Virginia can modify any restrictions or conditions if, in the judgment of the Board of Directors, such restriction or condition becomes unnecessary, incapable of fulfillment or inconsistent with the charitable needs of the community.  As such, Community Foundation Serving Western Virginia reserves the right to deny or condition the distribution of prize grants if, in the judgment of its Board of Directors, such restriction or condition becomes necessary.

*Any donations processed outside of the Giving Day Period, through, or subsequent recurring donations are subject to transaction fees outlined on the pricing page: